Well, let’s start at RWY 25L and 25C, positions 1 and 2. Most of you know the spotting position at RWY 25L / 25C at Zeppelinheim close to  Autobahn A5, which is a very good spot to see the approaching airliners.

Due to the fact, that no A380, B747 and MD-11 are allowed to land on RWY 25R, most of the heavies will land on RWY 25L. In case of low traffic (early morning or afternoon hours) RWY 25C will used for landings also.

The position is also very good for taking photos of departing aircraft from RWY 07C .


A new erected 6m-high fence between Ellis Road and the airfield is spoiling the view to the taxiways and the line-up of RWY25C. 

Position 2 can be reached by walking the way down for ca five minutes (walking to Terminal 2 will take some 30 minutes) until you pass RWY25C approach.  Good from sunrise to 7:00 and after 16:30 to sunset.  

Position 1: 50.039565, 8.596898   Position 2: 50.050522, 8.602183 / 50.045311, 8.599942 


Below photo gallery illustrates the photographic possibilities ot Runways 25L and 25C approach and departures on Runways 07C / 07R.

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282-4Car parking is possible at the forest (GPS 50.037496, 8.602898, limited area, usually crowded quickly) and Zeppelinheim, near S-Bahn railway station. For GPS / car navigation systems please use “Admiral-Rosendahl-Strasse / Neu-Isenburg / Zeppelinheim” (or 50.037389, 8.606368) as coordinates. To reach the car parking at the forest, leave Autobahn A5 at exit “Neu-Isenburg / Zeppelinheim” and follow the road. After passing the bridge turn left into a small street leading to the forest (its a dead end street). After 300m the car parking area begins. Walking from Zeppelinheim Station / Admiral-Rosendahl-Strasse takes only 2 minutes more, follow the way through the railway tunnel to the forest heading to the spotting position.


TrainBy train: S-Bahn Line 7 from Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof (main station) to Goddelau. Leave train at station “Neu Isenburg / Zeppelinheim”.

To reach the positions by Bus or S-Bahn, click here for the schedules / information http://www.rmv.de/en/

Below pictures illustrate the photographic possibilities ot Runways 25L and 25C approach and departures on Runways 07C / 07R.


Usage of airband scanners is not allowed in Germany (by law). Police can confiscate the airband scanner, also its fined with 200 Euros.