Position 4 GPS: 50.046265, 8.541251. Usable from sunrise to afternoon, lenses from 18mm up to 300mm. All aircraft except A380, B747 and MD-11.

Position 4 is the approach area of RWY 25R – with an impressive  view to the landing aircraft (except Boeing 747, A380 and MD-11F) . This runway is used for landings only and most of the traffic arriving there are the members of the large Lufthansa fleet and some other carriers from the U.S, Canada, Eastern and Southern Europe, Russia or Asia. Landing traffic there is sometimes rather low and not foreseeable. Low traffic possible in early morning hours and / or in the afternoon hours. Car parking is possible beside the street.

From Position 4 it is only a ca 10 minute walk to the spotting position 5 „Dune“ –  a platfom 5 m in height, where spotters can take pictures from above the fence. You only have to follow the fence and the landing aircraft.

Disadvantage: not perfect usable in the morning hours after sunrise, sometimes low traffic, far away from at RWY25L or 25C.

The photo gallery displays landing aircraft taken on afternoon from the Southern position  and from the Northern side, a grassland beneath the street useable after 16:30 in summer. Lenses: from 18 up to 400 mm is recommended on both of the positions.


Position 4 (South): 50.0462367, 8.5423002 Position 4 (North, afternoon to sunset): 50.050882, 8.537873


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