Position 6 – Runway 07L approach is a wide area without trees spoiling the view to the landing aircraft – but it is far away from the airport and the observation deck on RWY 18. As described for RWY 25R, the same goes for RWY 07L approach: it is used for landings only and most of the traffic arriving there are the members of the large Lufthansa fleet and other carriers  – except Airbus A380, Boeing 747 and MD-11. Sequence of  landing traffic is not foreseeable, because in early morning hours, low traffic times and / or in the afternoon hours, it is possible of increasing use of RWY 07C / 07R. In this case you’re far away from the other positions.

To reach this spot by car, please put „Kelsterbach /  Stockstrasse“ or „Professor-Staudinger-Strasse“ in your GPS / car navigation. GPS 50.034180, 8.492096 

Walking from the Dune to this place takes very long, better you have a car or a bycicle with you. By bycicle the spotting points  Nos. 7 and 8 can be reached within 15 to 20 minutes. Car parking is possible at the very end of the „Professor-Staudinger-Strasse“.

Taking pictures is possible from sunrise until the late afternoon.

Apart of the mentioned spotting positions, the new runway offers some good opportunities of taking pictures over the fence. Only a five or six step ladder is needed for this purpose. Pictures below were taken while standing on a six-step ladder on various positions alongside the fence. South south-side of 07L approach is usable from sunrise to afternoon, 6-step ladder required. Walking from car parking ca 5 to 15 minutes. The position provides also a shady place beneath the trees. This position is also perfect for aircraft leaving RWY 25R on one of the last exits.

The RWY07L / 25R afternoon positions can be found alongside the fence opposite of the described morning position around the bird-protection-fence. Usable from afternoon to sunset, recommended lenses on all positions 18 – 300/ 400mm


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