7225For the more adventurous spotters: this positions are remote located photo spots, accessable only by bicycle (recommendet) or a 30-minutes-walk. While Position 10 is usable from early morning to noon, position 9 allows taking pictures from noon to sunset.

Position 9 (GPS 50.004585, 8.522361) is just opposite of pos 10.

Position 10 (GPS: 50.006640, 8.530311) is accessable via a gate some 100m away of former „Holiday Parking“, ca 30 minutes walking (bicycle ca 10 minutes)

Position 12 (GPS 50.017602, 8.507778): the cutting near the powerline, south of RWY 07R approach. This very quiet position is usable for RWY 07R approach photos only. Due to the remote location, arriving aircraft at RWY 07L are out of sight, also departing aircraft at RWY 18.

Reachable by walking from the car parking between Pos 7 and 8 (will take up to 20 – 25 minutes), no ladder required. Usable from early morning to afternoon (ca 16:00 / 16:30). After 16:30 its better to walk back behind RWY07R approach. Due to the good quality of the ways, usage of bicycles makes moving easier and reduces the travel times between Pos 6 and 12 to 15 min.


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