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As one of the early customers for the 707, Air India took delivery of its first Rolls-Royce powered Boeing 707-437 in February 1960. By May 1962 its entire fleet was replaced with this type, which served until the mid-1980s, when the last Boeing 707s were retired. VT-DXT, a Boeing 707-337C (19988 / 736), was ordered in December 1965 and made its first flight 06.08.1968 at Renton, before it was handed over to Air India 14.08.1968. After 20 years with the Indian flag carrier it was phased out and later operated by Indian Air Force.
Aerolineas Argentinas introduced the 707 in February 1967 on its Buenos Aires - New York route. European services were opened by that type in April 1967 with a connection between Buenos Aires and London. With more aircraft available, international services extended and Aerolineas Argentinas became a regular visitor in Frankfurt. Shown LV-LGP was actually the last 707 delivered to the Argentine carrier, which received it in March 1971. was delivered as N739AL to Airlift International 11.07.1968, after three years it was leased by Aerolineas Argentinas until 1979. From 1980-1990 it was operated by Argentine Air Force as TC-92, which sold it to Cargo Operator LADE (LV-LGP). Written off after an landing accident Oct. 22, 1996 at Buenos Aires.
Originally built as a Boeing 707-355C for Executive Jet Aviation, but after its first flight on July 12, 1968 this aircraft was not taken up by Executive Jet Aviation and so Air France purchased it in December 1968. After some modifications to Air France standards F-BJCM "Le Pelican" (19986 / 730) served for the French carrier until 1981, when it was phased out and sold to Miami-based carrier Pan Aviation as N723GS. Configured with an executive interior, NMB purchased it in 1988 and operated it as N707MB until July 1995, when it was sold to Omega Air. In February 1996 former F-BJCM was purchased by Grumman Aerospace for military conversion as E-8 (97-0010) for the J-Stars programme of the U.S. Air Force. Photo copyright by D.Eggert, taken at FRA in February 1971.
9Q-CRT Pearl Air Boeing 707-430 -cn 17718 / 90
In January 1977 Lufthansa sold D-ABOB to African carrier Pearl Air. The aircraft became re-registered to 9Q-CRT and was operated by Pearl Air next eight months, when it was heavily damaged in a an landing accident at Sanaa.
D.Eggert, April 1977
D-ABOB Lufthansa Boeing 707-430 -cn 17718 / 90
D-ABOB Lufthansa Boeing 707-430 -cn 17718 / 90
D-ABOB (17718 / 90) was the first of five Boeing 707-430 delivered to Lufthansa. Lufthansa ordered a batch of five Boeing 707 in April 1956 of which D-ABOB being the first to be delivered in February 1960. Basically a series 320 airframe, series 400 was powered by Rolls-Royce Conway 505 / 508 engines and received some extensive modifications resulting of the trials for its British certificate. The success of the series 400 was limited - only 37 examples were completed and delivered to customers BOAC, Air India, VARIG and EL AL. In 1976 Lufthansa removed the first of its 707-400 from service and transferred it to Condor, which used it on its IT-routes during summer season 1976. In January 1977 D-ABOB was sold to African carrier Pearl Air.

D.Eggert, July 1975.

AP-AMG Air Malta Boeing 720-040B - sn 18378 / 257
AP-AMG Air Malta Boeing 720-040B - sn 18378 / 257
From start-up in April 1974 until December 1989 Air Malta used Boeing 720s on all of its routes. First B720s were leased from Pakistan International as shown AP-AMG, which became 9H-AAM in 1978. Delivered to its first customer in December 1961, this Boeing 720-040B (18378 / 257) was operated by PIA until March 1974, when it was leased to Air Malta until 1979. With the arrival of Boeing 737s in March 1983 retirement of Air Maltas B720s begun. In November 1981 AP-AMG / 9H-AAM was stored and used for spare parts and ended its life for fire exercises at Malta. By the end of the decade the last of its B720 was removed from service.

Photo taken by D.Eggert at Frankfurt, July 1978.

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