A gallery of b/w photos taken at Frankfurt between 1955 and 1962, when Frankfurt airport was dominated by propliners of Lockheed, Douglas or Viscount etc.


G-APLH Dan-Air London Bristol 170Mk. 31 (sn 13250)
Two Bristol 170 Mk 31 freigheter were operated by Dan-Air London, pictured G-APLH was in service with this carrier from 1958 until 1968. Photographed in October 1960 at Frankfurt.
D-BATU Fokker F-27 Friendship (sn 10137)
On 30 December 1959 German entrepreneur Helmut Horten received this Fokker 27, which is seen parked on 16.09.1960 at Frankfurt. In 1966 it was reurned to Fokker and operated by various airlines, before it returned to Germany in 1983, becoming D-BAKU. After some ten years with WDL, it was phased out and broken up at Mülheim in 1994. Photo Collection Ralf Drews
EC-AQL Iberia Lockheed L.1049 (ln 4553) FRA 1961
Orientation: 1
YA-DAN Ariana Afghan Airlines Douglas DC-6A (sn 44259 / ln 475)
Two ex Pan Am DC-6A (N6259C / N6260C) were aquired by Ariana Afghan Airlines in 1960 and 1963. YA-DAN made its first flight in 1954, before being delivered to Pan American World Arways as N6259C. Pan Am sold it in April 1960 to Ariana Afghan Airlines, a second ex PAA example was purchased in September 1963 (YA-DAO). Weekly flights to Frankfurt started in May 1960 on Ariana's "Marco Polo" route from Kabul via Tehran , Beirut, Ankara and Prague to Frankfurt. Both DC-6 were used until its reirement in 1972. YA-DAN was taken in May 1960. Collection Ralf Drews
Douglas C-54A EP-ADK (sn 10348)
Iran Air Douglas C-54A EP-ADK (sn 10348) in Frankfurt in Summer 1956 while parking beside a construction area. The C-54 made its first flight in 1944 and was used by the U.S. Air Force until 1946, when it was purchased by Douglas. Between 1947 and 1954 it was operated by Pan Am, Canadian Pacific Airlines and Transocean Airlines, before it was leased to Iran Air from 1956 on. EP-ADK crashed 04.08.1961 near the Caspian Sea.
Convair CV-340 D-ACAD (sn 198)
A busy scene in Summer 1956, when ground crew is moving around just arrived Convair CV340 D-ACAD (sn 198). D-ACAD was delivered to Lufthansa on 20.08.1954 as CV-340, but converted to CV-440 in 1960. This aircraft was sold to Libya in April 1969 and used by Kardair as 5Y-DBA until 1971, when it was put in storage. The building in the background is the old passenger terminal, the control tower and the visitors garden and restaurant area. Today the place is occupied by Terminal 2. Collection Ralf Drews
Douglas C-47A N28 (s/n 10243)
Federal Aviation Agency used a lot of DC-3 for flight inspection, research, and administrative transport. Pictured during maintenance at Frankfurt in 1958, C-47A N28 (s/n 10243) started its career with the U.S.A.A.F in 1943, where it saw WW II action with 61st Troop Carrier Group on D-Day, carrying parachuters of the 82nd Airborne to their drop-zones. In 1949 it was handed over to the Ministry of Transportation and operated by CAA/FAA from March 1958 on as N28. Collection Ralf Drews
G-AODH Vickers Viscount 736
G-AODH - Vickers Viscount 736 - was originally build for Fred Olsen Flyselskap A/S (LN-FOL) and made its first flight on 08 November 1955. Between December 1955 and July 1960 it was operated by BEA British European Airways, British West Indian Overseas Airways, Airwork Ltd and Transair, before it was handed over to BUA British United Airways on 01 July 1960. On 30 October 1961 G-AODH was damaged beyond repair in a heavy landing accident at Frankfurt, when the plane struck the ground during a missed approach procedure in poor visibility. Neutralized G-AODH was taken few days after the accident, the aircraft is still complete and the debris of the crash is gathered under its stern. G-AODH finally was broken up in 1962.
Avro Anson D-IDEK (sn 1332)
Frankfurt-based Aero Exploration was specialized on aerial photography and cartograpy operations. Pictured in 1958 on its homebase, Avro Anson D-IDEK (sn 1332) together with Anson 652 D-IGOR (sn 1278). D-IDEK left Aero Exploration in Mach 1963
OE-LAD Austrian Airlines Vickers Viscount Srs 779D (sn 252)
OE-LAD Austrian Airlines Vickers Viscount Srs 779D (sn 252) leased 01.01.1958 - April 1960 from Fred Olson Frankfurt 25.04.1958
SSSR-L5443 Aeroflot Tupolev 104 (sn 07350304)
SSSR-L5443 Aeroflot Tupolev 104 (sn 07350304) on 25.04.1958 this aircraft was the first jet airliner at Frankfurt, when it carried Soviet deputy premier Mikoyan on a four-day state visit to West-Gemany Frankfurt 25 April 1958
Convair CV-440 "Metropolitan" (sn 470) D-ADIL
Delivered to "Condor Luftreederei" in July 1958, D-ADIL served with the carrier until Novmber 1961, when Lufthansa purchased the company and merged it with its subsidary "Deutscher Flugdienst". The new company was renamed to Condor and D-ADIL became re-registered to D-ACEK. In April 1968 this CV-440 "Metropolitan" was sold to JAT (YU-ADO) and was operated until May 1971, when it was damaged beyond repair after a belly-landing at Titograde and ended up in a museum at Belgrade.
Douglas C-47 G-APBC "Derwent Dale" (sn 27121)
G-APBC "Derwent Dale" (sn 27121) was taken in Summer 1960, when Derby Airways (founded in 1959) operated a fleet of eight DC-3 / C-47. Derby Airways in 1964 was renamed to British Midland Airways, the DC-3 were used until 1969.
Douglas DC-3A N129H (sn 4126)
This DC-3A-173E (sn 4126) was delivered as NC33647 United on 19.04.1941 and purchased in 1942 by Western Airlines. From March 1958 until May 1959 it was in use with Hil-Drown Venture, before being sold to another owner in the U.S. and reported as still active. Collection Ralf Drews
Avro York G-AMXM (sn MW323)
Taken 24.08.1958 at Fankfurt, only minutes after 1945-build Avro York G-AMXM had stopped and the ground crew is in the proceed to unload the aircraft. Hunting-Clan Air Transport in Summer 1958 operated three Avro York on their freight operations. 259 Yorks were build between 1943 and 1946, most of them as C.1 freighter. After the merger with Airworks Ltd. to British United Airways in 1960, the Yorks were withdrawn from use and eventually scrapped.
N90773 Douglas DC-6B (sn 44058 / ln 365)
Douglas DC-6B (sn 44058 / ln 365) N90773 was delivered to American Airlines in May 1953. In 1959 it was sold and used by different airlines. Trans International operated it between July and December 1960, before it was purchased by its last operator President Airlines. On 10.09.61 N90773 crashed at Shannon, Ireland. The aircraft in the background is Caravelle 1 OY-KRD of SAS.
Curtiss C-46 SE-CFC (sn 86)
Founded in 1951, Transair Sweden operated charter service throughout Europe. In April 1957 the first of later eleven Curtiss C-46 joined the carrier. SE-CFC was delivered to Transair in July 5, 1957 and was used on Transair's inclousive tour charter business. From its homebase at Bromma airport, Transair carried tourists from Scandinavia to Europe and the Mediteranen aera. In 1960 SE-CFC was leased to United Nations and used in Congo until June 1963. From the mid-1960's to the 1980s it was operated in Africa and South America, its last operator was a cargo company in Bolivia. Collection Ralf Drews
F-BHHI Air France Sud Est SE210 Caravelle (MSN 02)
F-BHHI Air France Sud Est SE210 Caravelle (MSN 02) at Frankfurt in April 1958. Probably it is on a demonstration flight to various airports in Europe.

The second prototype of the Caravelle and made its first flight 06.05.1956 as F-WHHI before re-registered to F-BHHI in March 1957. In March and April 1959 it was leased by Scandinavian Airlines and returned to the manufacturer when SAS received its first Caravelle I SE-KLH on April 10, 1959.

Collection Ralf Drews
N6009C Lockheed L749A Constellation (sn 2645) "Star of Michigan"
Just arrived: N6009C TWA Trans World Airlines Lockheed L749A Constellation (sn 2645) "Star of Michigan", taken in 1958 at Frankfurt.
N1880 Lockheed L1049H Super Constellation (sn 4828)
Lufthansa leased N1880 Lockheed L1049H Super Constellation (sn 4828) from Transocean Airlines for cargo operations.
Picture was taken soon after delivery in March 1959 at Frankfurt.
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