A gallery of b/w photos taken at Frankfurt between 1955 and 1962, when Frankfurt airport was dominated by propliners of Lockheed, Douglas or Viscount etc.


D-BODO, a Bristol 170 Mk.21 Freighter
An overview made in early Summer of 1960 with D-BODO, a Bristol 170 Mk.21 Freighter of LTU on the left and three parked Pan American DC-4 in the background. Avro Anson D-IDEK of Aero Explorations can be seen on the right, behind D-CSFA, a Handley-Page (Miles) Marathon I (s/n 112), which was used by the German Aviation Authority for calibration purposes. Collection Ralf Drews
N88886 Douglas DC-4 (s/n 27311) "Clipper Hannover"
N88886 Pan American Douglas DC-4 (s/n 27311) "Clipper Hannover" was originally delivered on 05.04.1945 to the U. S. Army Air Force as a Douglas C-54E-5-DO with the military registration 44-9085. After Douglas Aircraft Company bought and converted it to civil DC-4 specifications, Pan Am on 14 November 1945 purchased it. Pan Am operated it until 12.01.1961, when it was sold to Trans Mediterranean. Two years later it was purchased by Aviation Traders Ltd on 1 November 1963 for conversion in to an ATL-98 Carvair. British United Air Ferries operated it as G-ATRV, before being bought by Cie Air Transport on 10 May 1967 (F-BOSU). In August 1970 it was withdrawn from use and later broken up in 1972. N88886 was taken at Frankfurt in June 1960.
N636 Martin 404 (sn 14135)
Including the prototype, only 103 examples of Martin 4-0-4 were build between 1951 and 1953, all examples were delivered to TWA (40) and Eastern Airlines (60), while two 404s were delivered to the U.S. Coast Guard as RM-1G. Pictured at Frankfurt in Summer 1960, when this former TWA example (N40429) was operated by E.F.MacDonald Company. The aircraft is still existant and can be found on display at Planes of Fame Museum, Valle Grand Canyon, Arizona. Collection Ralf Drews
D-ILES Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan (sn 6512)
15 July 1960: now registered as D-ILES, Aero Exploration Beechcraft AT-11 Kansan (sn 6512) after conversion. After its retirement on 15.07.1965, D-ILES was moved following year to a playground at Walldorf, a neighbour town of Frankfurt Airport, but removed and scrapped in Summer 1967. Collection Ralf Drews
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